Our insights can benefit your publication now.

Your publication is unique; but there are base line industry practices and trade secrets that we can share with you that will help you navigate your market space.

• Challenge the assumptions that shape your team's decisions.
• Gain insight from over a hundred years of publishing experience.
• Compare with other successful niche publications.
• Learn about the practices of industry leaders.
• Isolate issues that caused other ventures to fail and help correct or eliminate them from your publication.

Learn how the market will value your publication.

Of course, the only definitive valuation for any property is how much someone is willing to pay for it. Nevertheless, there are broad industry standards and market history that we can employ to establish a reasonable valuation for tax and estate planning or for developing a selling or exit strategy. Our depth of experience in buying and selling publishing properties can aid you in evaluating your publication for whatever purpose.

We can help you attain lasting management gains.

In addition to direct evaluation of your business model and management practices, we can profile your publication with QuartoSeer our powerful, analytical software, to assess the performance of your publication:

• Study your rate structure using differential analysis over extended periods.
• Compare the effect of various strategies on growth and profitability.
• Assess the potential of rolling your publication into multiple markets.
• Create accurate business forecasts: the projections that bankers want, including EBITDA statements; and the planning information management needs in variable scenarios.
• Establish clear budgetary goals to compare against reality.