Urban Renaissance Books
Urban Renaissance Books
is a series published by PRG highlighting communities committed to more sustainable practices than the historical norm for urban entities, investing in innovations that protect their environment and preserve their natural and cultural heritages.

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Chattanooga's Heroic Drive
Carmel 'round about right
Knoxville: Green by Nature
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Greenville: Grand Designs
Columbia: city of rivers, vistas and dreams

Released February 2015

...the newest edition in Publishing Resources Group's series of books about cities that are focused on a future that is both prosperous and sustainable.

Written by the co-author of the series Reflections of South Carolina, Tom Poland, this intelligent, far-reaching exploration of the best that Columbia can be includes a photo-journal celebrating the area's physical beauty and its vibrant cityscape. But more than that, the book launches a new discussion into the community's commitment to be reckoned among the most attractive business destinations in the country and as the most desirable place to live in the southeast.

In addition to the book, WISTV is producing television documentary coverage based on the publication, assuring our combined efforts will become a cherished part of Columbia's historical record.
This lavishly illustrated, full-color publication will be printed in a hard-bound, 9 x 12-inch format.

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Knoxville: Green by Nature

Carmel Book

 Emerging as one of the country’s more interesting and livable urban environments, Knoxville has become a magnet to the intellectual capital necessary to grow a sustainable future. Knoxville: Green by Nature tells the story of how the city is developing into a leader among communities seeking a sensible path for urban growth.

Jack Neely traces Knoxville’s roots from an industrial and agricultural center toward becoming a thriving arts, cultural and environmentally-friendly locale, already boasting an invigorated Market Square and an ever-popular Farmers’ Market; diverse shopping opportunities from chic to cozy and urban greenspace that lures its locals to the great outdoors.

Knoxville: Green by Nature recounts the city’s recent reanaissance from the perspective of those who effected it.

Carmel: 'round about right

Carmel Book

 Once a small Quaker town, Carmel, Indiana, is now a city of more than 80,000 people and growing. What has set Carmel apart from most other communities that surround the major cities in the United States has been its focus on creating a more walkable, traditional city instead of the typical sprawling suburb.

An elegant, comprehensive book documenting Carmel's unlikely emergence as a vibrant urban center, it is comprised of over 200 full-color pages (9 x 12 inches), beautifully hard-bound, and containing over 300 photos by local photojournalist Zach Dobson.

As mayor of the city of Carmel for nearly two decades, James Brainard has brought together civic and business leaders, developers and members of the local community to create a vibrant city with a bustling downtown. By planning ahead, Carmel has avoided the congestion of collector roads that dot the suburban American landscape. Instead, a grid system of small streets with roundabout intersections has given residents smoother, safer commutes.

Carmel's Art and Design District is home to many galleries, shops and restaurants. In addition, the business-friendly city boasts one of the most concentrated office districts in the state of Indiana.

Chattanooga's Heroic Drive
the history of a renaissance

Chattanooga's Heroic Drive

In December, 2010, Urban Renaissance Publishing and News Channel 9 released the landmark production of a televised and written history of the rebirth of Chattanooga as one of America's most admired mid-sized cities... many say, the most admired.

Chattanooga's Heroic Drive chronicals this historic transformation in the form of a lavishly illustrated, oversized, hard-bound book. This full color publication comprises over 300 pages of interviews, photography and profiles of the people, institutions, and events that shaped their emergence as the world class, green environment, which is attracting a new generation of intellectual and fiscal capital to Chattanooga.

News Channel 9 produced two, one hour, prime time specials inspired by the research and development of the book.

Including an introduction by Senator Bob Corker, the book is inspired by his insight into and recollection of the metamorphosis of Chattanooga from an incidental crossroads on the Southeastern corridor into a destination vacation spot and one of the most desirable relocation communities in the country.