Lower your tray tables. Dinner is served—

Whether he is brewing up a pot of his famous Rockin' KB Ranch Beef Chili for family and friends at his spread in Texas or sprinkling the final touch of perfectly diced green onion over a savory dish of Chinese Pork Belly Braised in Spicy Soy for airline passengers headed to the Far East, Chef Bob Rosar's true passion is, and long has been, great food regardless of where it is being served.

In Affair in the Air Chef Bob spills the beans about how he developed his love of cooking while ladling up delicious servings of family, world travel and kitchen adventures from around the globe. Pour any notions you may have had in the past about "airline food" down the drain. Once you have tried his elegant airline cuisine translated into down-home recipes for the family cook, you may not have an air affair, but you just may fall back in love with your own kitchen.

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